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We have all experienced the perils of buying a used vehicle with costly hidden faults that may threaten the future safety of you and your family!

We know that you already appreciate the importance of purchasing a ‘Vehicle Check’ through Auto Trader to obtain the history of the vehicle you intend buying; however, for complete 'peace of mind' this service should be followed by a physical inspection of the vehicle by a suitably qualified engineer.

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One of our highly knowledgeable and experienced engineers will inspect your chosen purchase with a 133 Point Budget or 166 Point Assured Vehicle inspection, both of which include a test drive. Following this you will be provided with a written report which shows each item we have checked, and it also contains valuable comments from your inspecting engineer. You can then use the report to satisfy yourself that there are no major problems lurking around the corner, and of course if problems are spotted, you can mindfully decide how to go ahead with your purchase or even negotiate a price reduction.

To obtain a quote and place your order visit www.aim-vi.co.uk where you can take advantage of our online discount and our generous 'Friends & Family' offer.

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